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Porching It

Stevensville, MT November 2010

Porching It

In the twilight
Maple ltrees dream of tomorrow.
A star smiles.
The moon rises and miles of light
Fall on us
Measuring times spent
On the front porch swing
When laughter made love glad
And kisses
Tasted of lemons and honey.

Porching it
Meant baskets hanging with flowers,
And morning glories
Blooming down
The trellis.
Sunshine came
In a glass of cold cider with
Chatty neighbors,
Waiting for rain, complaining,
Lazy cats
And babies asleep in the shade.

Here we saw
The end of world wars,
Seasons change,
And the beginnings of
Moments of bliss,
And us
Eating apple pie
And homemade ice cream,
Never knowing how much
We would come to miss
And porching it.

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