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Sweet Cherry Wine

Photo taken by Scott Tucker

Sweet Cherry Wine

She hangs a plastic rose
In the empty space;
Lineations of light caress
Her trembling hand and slow her thought.
A thought so close to revealing
Some mystery
Tightly pressed into the delicate craks
Of old window glass.

The cookie jar
Is filled with old pennies and dust;
The mending is tossed
Into a pile next to the coffee pot.
Endless seams wait
For her touch.

White wash drips in the morning sun;
A dandelion follows the breeze.
She can almost feel the loving
That surely never was
As she traces a dream that left its fingerprints
On the window sill.

In the absence of thought
The rose and memories breathe
And for a moment she remembers
The sweet cherry wine
And the woman she use to be.

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