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Snow Nets


Photo taken of myself in British Columbia, Canada 2008.

Snow Nets was inspired by a young adult romance novel I had started and am still working on. Poems come quickly while I am finding writing a novel is a very long journey!

Snow Nets

I remember the fox
That came
Last December.
He appeared
On the lakes
Frozen waves
Chasing snow birds
In the white rain.

Two solitary figures,
We remained
Part of the scene,
Equal captives
Of snow net sorcery.

On the first night
Of this year
You and I stood
In the same rain
Looking for
A crack in the sky.
The smile
Of the quarter moon
Out of sight.

You lent me mittens
By your touch,
And when we kisssed
My doubt reached
For a reason
To be left out
Of the promises
We’d never make.

I knew only
The moon
Would keep hers
With the dark
Turning light.
The January sky
Teased us
With the fires
Of Perseus above.

Can it be the stars
See us
Caught in a new
Dare we call it
Or will we, too,
Remain captives
Of snow new sorcery!

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