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Cherry Blossoms Washington DC

Photo of cherry blossoms in Washington, DC by my late son Scott Tucker

The Sons of Kings

Long ago and before that
Love was it’s own jewel;
Unto itself all things.

Not so, said the Kings;
Love is ignorance, showing nothing.
In all their gold, they claimed
To own the sum of everything.

Power, counted and subtracted
A billion gains and losses.
Kings grew old in their gatherings
Of ever growing wealth,
Losing count of what use to be;
Not missing what was never felt.

Years past

The sons of kings invented robots
To run computer towns.
Yet, man was solving nothing.


The sons of kings
Added more jewels to their crowns.
The jewels soon lost their sparkle
So the sons of kings
Asked of those around
What could be missing now?

Wondering how to answer man,
The robots ran a logic disc.
No. That wasn’t it.
They tried philosophy,
Pshchology, than poetry,
Until they agreed in print
That if man could find love,
And a heart for it to fit

Man might once again be equal
In his own equation.

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