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A pretty May day in British Columbia, Canada

This poem is dedicated to my son James Scott Tucker who passed away two years ago April 24, 2011. His passion was photography. Scott liked the images in this poem and found them inspiring. We miss you Scott and all the ways you inspired your family and friends though your love, laughter and great photos.

This poem was published on Swans and in Sleeping Bear Review 2002

Can’t Stop the Dancing

A song so familiar
Changes its rhyme before
I find the title in my mind,
Or hear the words.
The beat fades,
Black notes dancing backwards.

De’ja vu

Egypt dangles a jewel I can’t reach;
Destiny laughs,
Fleeting shadows haunt me.
Another melody
Plays in drops of rain teasing the grass,
Feeding the old and new.

Soul mate

Memories tucked between violin strings,
Magic images in a water glass,
Horses following a stream in easy peace,
A warm sun,
Spring’s roses soaking up liquid honey.

A song spills from a gurgling stream
Where ferns and flowers play.
The air tastes like the wild strawberries
Peeking out between ancient graves,
Ghost voices every where.

Salt lingers in the wind
Where the heather clings to granite,
Cobblestones for French feet.
Distance is the measure of walls,
Home is where the land meets sea.

Red poppies

Sway in contented sleep.
Church bells chime a message
From a mountain high
Reminding us that
We have promises to keep
And neither shadow nor light,
Death nor life
Can stop the dancing…

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