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Savanna’s Song

Florida Egret

Photo of a Florida Egret by my late son Scott Tucker

Savanna’s Song

In the noon of her day
Savanna blooms in amoeban pools.
The green of her smile,
A cradle for water birds,
Their grassy feet keeping time
To marsh flutes.

In the haze of a sea born day
Gulls play at the gate way
Between nature and man.

Golden rays of sun dance
On the leaves of wild hibiscus
Casting beams of light in the mist
As the tropical rains fall
In halcyon drops
Tapping out sweet innocence,
The melody of Savanna’s song.

Evening unfolds
With scarlet streaked by twilight.
The day is undone
By the whisper of birds in prayer,
Savanna’s benediction to the shadows
Changing day to night.

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