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Edge of America

Annie Humphery, award winning Native American recording artist, wrote the music and recorded this poem on her album Edge of America. Her music is available from Makoche Records. The song is available on the playlist on Edge of America. Many thanks to Annie for the beautiful music!

So, Comes the Rain

Dew slips
Through sky windows,
Damp fingers
The gardenia drinks
For her unborn
The sun waits
On stellar steps;
Earth hangs
In sweetness
For day songs.

Dew drops
Gather in veils
Making skirts
For coffins.
Time is caught
On a nail
Left in mill shavings.
Death pulses
And trembles
At the edge
Of gathering clouds.

So, comes the rain
With toxic kisses
Earth’s forgiveness.
Birds with acid voices
Sing of it.
The gardenia
Drops her bud offerings
To the God of it.
Coffins fill
With the black of it.

So, comes the rain,
With shades
Of death recycled.

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