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Little Girl


(A wedding blessing)
May the lakes never shrink
Nor the rivers run dry,
May you always be playmates
In the rain that washes
The tears from your eyes


Little girl
When did you grow so?
When did you go so far away
To the woman you’ve become?

Little girl
Only yesterday you played
Chalk in hand, hair in braids,
Skipping squares in the driveway.

Little girl
Graduating in high heels,
On your way to meeting life.
Meeting him and married so soon.

Little girl
It is said summer wears
A straw hat of pretty moments
Rich in grace, full of gladness.

Little girl
When I walk down the street
Where you played it’s me wearing
My straw hat of put away memories.

Little girl
It’s me looking for you.
You in the gladness, you in the grace.
It’s me following summer

Seeing you everyday

Little girl.

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